Customer Service

Unsurpassed Customer Service is Our Most Valuable Asset

Your mission is our mission. Your problem is, well, our problem to solve. We willingly wear many hats when it comes to customer service. Our personalized approach is designed to deliver unparalleled experiences founded in transparency, responsiveness and honesty.

We understand that personnel at the purchasing and production levels can be lean. That’s why we’ve spent the past 40 years building a cohesive team that can jump in when such resources are low. Our sales associates are experienced to relieve any pressure, offer strategic direction, all while building efficiencies, stability and reliability for your business.

Technology – Vendor Managed Inventory

Our proprietary inventory management system, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), was developed specifically for the packaging industry and brings tremendous added-value to our customers. The system contributes a high level of intelligence, analytical advancements and operational productivity to those we serve. Communications to personnel on the plant floor are streamlined with a clear view of inventories, from what’s active, to usage history and the coordination of graphic elements.